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This memorial website has been created in the
honor and memory of our beautiful daughter,
Jamie~leigh Britt.

Jamie was born on September 14, 1987 .

She met her heavenly Father on May 22, 2006. 
She was 18 years, 8 months, and 8 days old.






 Jamie collapsed and died while in the high school library.

She was about 12 days away from her graduation.

The official cause of her death was listed as

"Viral Meningitis".

The heartbreak, anger, pain,sadness, and disbelief of her family and friends will never be known.




 If you had the good fortune of knowing Jamie~leigh on this earth, you will never forget her. She had the biggest, brownest eyes you've ever seen, and the loudest and best laugh you've ever heard! She was funny, smart, extremely quick-witted, and never at a loss for a "come-back" in any situation. She was fearless.

Jamie, you are loved and missed more than these words can ever tell.
You left us much too soon and much against our will.

You left us with beautiful memories and broken hearts..

Jamie was preceded in death by her father,

James (Jamie) Britt, Jr.

He was in a fatal auto accident on December 3, 2002.


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Tributes and Condolences
Missing her smile!   / Trish Journeay (Williams) (Teacher (Criminal Justice) )
I got to know Jamie, her senior year. I was down the hall from the library when we got the call. I'll never forget her and that call. Fly high Jamie!
I miss you more today!   / Danielle Mcgee (Friend)
I was looking through pics on the VHS memorial and came across your picture. It's crazy that it's been 11 years and feels like yesterday. I miss you so much. I drove by your old house today going to pick up my nephew and tears started flowing. I wish...  Continue >>
Remembering Jamie-leigh   / Saralyn Smith
Praying that Jamiie-leigh's birthday will be a day of only happy memories for you of your beautiful daughter. Some precious day, we will be with our beloved children again. Love and hugs, Saralyn
Thinking of you   / Susie Dunn (None)
Keeping you in my prayers as Jamie-Leigh's anniversary approaches. I do hope it's a peaceful day with lots of wonderful memories to warm your soul. Hugs Susie
Thinking of you   / Deanne
Sending love heaven bound for your angel Jamie with love Jacob's mum Deanne ♥ Leukaemia sux! " remembering Jacob
Jamie-Leigh Britt's angelversary  / Shirley Baer (none)    Read >>
Happy birthday!!  / Brenda Kay Palmer (Cousin)    Read >>
Jamie / Heather Watson (high school friend )    Read >>
thinking of you  / Shirley Baer (none)    Read >>
Sympathy / Karen Jenkins (none)    Read >>
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